Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Koganei Japanese Seafood Restaurant 小金井

Koganei Japanese Seafood Restaurant 小金井
Address: 3901 Hwy 7 West, BDC Building, Main Floor, Suite 103, Vaughan (Hwy 7 & Weston Rd.)
Phone: (905) 265-2288

ZT mentioned this restaurant to me many times & she highly recommended it.. finally here came the chance that we could go there together.. & here's what we pre-ordered.. the Geo Duck Sashimi (Giant Clam).. the Clam was made into two dishes.. Sashimi & the soup..
here's the soup.. very yummy..

we wanna order the Hirami Sashimi too but the staff told us that it comes in every Thursday but we went on Wednesday.. so.. no luck..
anyway, we had the Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab as appetizer..

Black Dynamic Roll.. salmon skin, carrot, lettuce, massago, black tobiko & spicy mayonnaise..
i haven't had Black Tobiko before.. looked very interesting to me..

this was the TNT Roll.. there were pickled ginger & wasabi wrapped in salmon sashimi.. very refreshing.. & the Salmon Belly Sashimi were on the side..

for sure we did order Uni!!

for Robatayaki, we had the Grilled Salmon Belly (Sake Harami).. very "fat".. very delicious..

also we had Fresh Oyster on the Shell, served with golden sauce..

we also ordered some extra sashimi, such as Salmon, Yellow Tail (Hamachi), Scallop (Hotategai) & Squid (Ika)..
Ika weren't good enough.. but the Scallops were perfect!! very fresh!!

the one thing that's not good for the dinner.. the Fried Ice-Cream.. it's covered with many flour.. not crispy at all..

Sunday, May 27, 2007

La Chine Cuisine 粵式生香

La Chine Cuisine 粵式生香 (Closed!)
Date: May 26, 2007 (Saturday)
Address: 165 East Beaver Creek Road, Unit 6, Richmond Hill (Hwy 7 & 404)
Phone: (905) 731-3889

it was a very delicious dinner!! 十分豐富!!
my family seldom had Fusion food together.. i guess that's the 1st.. & i'm not really fond of Fusion.. but this meal was surprisingly good!!

we picked the 雷師傅複合精選(一).. 十人全包 $428..

sorry that the pics might be a bit blurry as i took them using my cell phone.. (forgot to bring my DC!)


尤其是這碟木耳 + wasabi salad dressing.. 味道配搭得很好!

米紙沙律燒鴨卷 . 鵝肝醬多士

肘子片 . 小排翅 . 堂前過橋 (位上)

..伊麵吸收了蝦的味道, 很美味!

黑松露菌油 . 頭抽 . 味醂 . 炒龍蝦

橄欖油浸三文魚 . 柚子豉油汁
..這個三文魚不太生不太熟, 火喉剛好! 汁料也配搭得很好!


還有一道: 安格斯牛柳 . 堂煎 . 巴黎香草汁.. 但相片很模糊, 所以沒有上載!

甜品原為: 法式朱古力慕絲, 但 Menu 改了, 所以變為法式焦糖焗蛋.. 仍然很好吃!


Sunday, May 20, 2007

Tang Chinese Cuisine 大唐盛事 (Revisit)

Tang Chinese Cuisine 大唐盛事 (Closed!)
Address: Unit 9, 230 Commerce Valley Drive East, Richmond Hill (Hwy 7 & 404)
Phone: (905) 771-3988

went there for dinner after picking DD from the airport..

it's our 2nd visit..
Taiwanese Stir Fry (台式小炒)
Deep Fried Chrisp Chicken (風沙炸子雞)

Sweet & Sour Pork with Pineapple (菠蘿咕嚕肉)
King Mushroom with Snowpea Shoots (皇子菇扒豆苗)

i like the Taiwanese Stir Fry most.. it's spicy.. but it's a very good appetizer..
the chicken was good.. very cripsy & tender..
the pork was not bad.. but DD said the veggie was very "old"..

the overall was better than our 1st visit..
& we met ME there.. looks like we both wanna give it a 2nd chance..

Monday, May 14, 2007

Starfish Oyster Bed & Grill

Starfish Oyster Bed & Grill
Address: 100 Adelaide Street East, Toronto
Phone: 416-366-STAR (7827)
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 12-3pm, 5-11pm / Sat 5-11pm / Sundays Closed

it's a small & cozy restaurant, with oyster bar on one side.. & as we could see, only 4 servers working there.. so it took a bit long before someone came take our order..

since soup was quite a "must" for me, we decided to try their soup of the day, Oysters Chowder.. there were lots of ingredients inside.. oysters, clams, bacon, potatoes, etc.. not very creamy, good for starter!!

then, our "main course" -- OYSTERS!! we first ordered Kumamoto & Littleneck clams.. half dozen each.. it's my 1st time having raw clam.. which tasted great!! very fresh!!
we also had the chef's special.. Patrick's Oysterlicious Plates (18 for $29).. it should be Featuring Beausoleil oysters from N.B., Fanny Bay of B.C., & Sea scallops.. however, they don't have any scallops on that day; so we have 9 of each kind of oysters instead.. LG & i both think the Fanny Bay of B.C. tasted better..

they have different dinner menu every day featuring different appetizers & main courses.. & that night, we just ordered one main course to share.. it's the Seared New Zealand snapper fillet on a dungeness crab cake, organic asparation, purple sunrise carrots, french beans & a lobster reduction.. it was surprisingly good, quite juicy..

we also left some room for desserts.. couldn't remember the names exactly but one was chocolate mousse & one was some kind of Lemon tart..

the food was good, oysters & clams were very fresh.. Z&A went there a while ago saying that there weren't many choices re cooked food.. & yes, there were less than 10 main courses to choose from.. but i guess we were lucky that we picked something good -- both our soup & the snapper were not bad..

just one thing that bothered us a bit -- it took ~30 mins for one "plate" to arrive.. making us sooooo sleepy at the end of the dinner.. u really need to be very patient if u want to eat there..

Sunday, May 06, 2007

The Octagon Restaurant

The Octagon Restaurant
Address: 7529 Yonge Street, Thornhill (Clark & Yonge)
Phone: (905) 889-8989

in order to thanks Z&A for helping us in painting our new home, we brought them here for dinner.. it's our 2nd visit to this restaurant..
i still remember the 1st time we came with 2 friends, & we ending up finishing all the garlic bread & had to ask for more.. (all dinners served with an Appetizer Tray & Garlic Bread) it's so yummy!! i haven't had good-tasting garlic bread for a long time.. & this time, we also ate up most of the garlic bread..

we ordered soups to start off.. 2 of us had the Clam Chowder while 2 had the Glazed Onion Soup.. we were already half-full after the soups..

for main course, they all had Prime Rib & i had the Broiled Lamb Chops from Washington State served with mushrooms.. the lamb chops were so tender.. & the Prime Rib, as expected, was above standard..

although it was expensive, it was worth the $$!!