Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Grotto Noodle House 山窿粉 (Revisit)

The Grotto Noodle House 山窿粉 (Closed!)
Date: November 30, 2008 (Sunday)
Address: 398 Ferrier Street #60-63, Markham (New Century Plaza)
Phone: (905) 470-8772

our family went there for 私房菜 again.. it's a very full dinner.. $38 pp + tips..

..我們都覺得是蟹肉來的.. 醬料有點酸辣, 十分好吃!

..螺片很爽, 很美味!

..好 juicy, 一點也不乾身.. 我們每人可以有半隻, 好像「食極都食唔完」!! very YUMMY!



Sunday, November 23, 2008

Hot House

Hot House
Date: November 23, 2008 (Sunday)
Address: Market Square, 35 Church Street, Toronto (Front & Church)
Phone: (416) 366-7800

(thx Z&A for this pic!)

Z&A brought me to Hot House for brunch on Sunday.. & it was crowded! we arrived at ~1:30pm but there were still lots of ppl there.. the brunch is every Sunday from 9:30am-3pm.. $18.95 pp +tax.. i like their live jazz music!!

they do have better pics on their website..

Friday, November 21, 2008

Oisi Oyster

Oisi Oyster Japanese Restaurant
Address: 245 Eglinton Avenue East, Toronto (Eglinton & Mount Pleasant)
Phone: (416) 483-6848

i passed by this restaurant all the time when i was heading back home after work.. it's on the Southeast corner of Mount Pleasant & Eglinton, right besides Cheese Emporium..

i heard about their 黑豚肉 & wanna try it.. but the waitress said we have to pre-order it, which we didn't know about it!!! (OH NO!!) anyway, we still had a great dinner, with fresh Uni!!

they were using some nice plates..

Age Dashi Tofu (Fried Tofu)'s on the house..

Oysters ($3.25 each)
..from West Coast

two types of Soft Shell Crab ($9.99 each): this one is Fried Soft Shell Crab (炸軟殼蟹)..

this is Spicy & Salt Soft Shell Crab (椒鹽軟殼蟹)..

i guess most of us prefer the Fried Soft Shell Crab more.. but i think there's too much tempura flour in it..

Beef Sashimi ($11.99)
..the waitress said that the beef sashimi is the neck/shoulder part.. they all love it.. & the sauce made it tasted great!

Assorted Sashimi Platter ($42) + Top Assortd Sushi ($20.5)

Fresh Uni ($26)
..we first asked for Uni Handrolls, but then the manager brought us this saying that they recommended customers to have it fresh.. & yes, it's very yummy!!

i guess they only served Fresh Uni.. coz when we tried to order just one Uni handroll, they said they don't have it as the whole Uni has 5 pieces, & they can't just take out one piece to make a handroll.. (which solved the mystery why they didn't make us Uni handrolls at the first place)

Grilled neck of Hamachi with salt ($12.5)

Fried Banana & Green Tea Ice-cream for dessert (no charge)..

i guess they gave us the free Fried Banana becoz they mistakenly made 2 spicy handrolls for us which we ordered non-spicy..

the food in general was not bad, except that the laver (紫菜) was not crispy.. service was good.. the waitress & manager were very attentive..

there is a free underground parking.. the entrance is right next to the Brewery besides the restaurant, but it's hard to see in the dark (coz the entrance is quite hidden)..

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


(食譜來源: 何家私房菜)

材料: 滑豆腐一盒、炸菜、碎豬肉一磅
獻汁: 蠔油 2湯匙、豆粉 1茶匙、水半碗

1. 豆腐洗淨,然後灑上小小鹽醃味備用。

2. 炸菜洗淨切粒備用。
3. 半肥瘦豬肉用沙糖,豆粉,鹽及生抽醃味備用。
4. 豆腐用油煎香2面上碟。
5. 豬肉炒香,加入炸菜粒同炒,加小小沙糖兜勻。
6. 加入獻汁煮至滾,即可上碟。

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Cafe 28

Cafe 28
Date: November 9, 2008 (Sunday)
Address: East Wilmot Street, Richmond Hill (in the plaza opposite of World Bowl)
(sorry, i forgot to take their business card so dunno their address or phone #..)

we went there for lunch on Sunday & they were serving Lunch Special with 28 choices.. each Lunch Special came with Garlic bread, daily soup or fruit salad..
here's the Garlic bread, made of White & Whole Wheat Bread..

the salad & the soup..
the salad dressing has a strawberry taste.. & the soup was very rich in ingredients..

Baked Portuguese Chicken Rice 焗葡式雞飯 $7.98

Baked Oyster Florentine with Rice 鮮蠔菠菜焗飯 $7.98

Seafood Crepe 法式海鮮薄餅 $7.98

Baked Mushroom Sauce Pork Chop Rice 白汁蘑菇焗豬扒飯 $8.98

Portuguese Bacalao 葡式馬介友魚 $7.98
the food was not bad.. but all were very rich/creamy that made us feel very full.. (except the Portuguese Bacalao 馬介友 coz it didn't come with rice/pasta)

a friend recommended this restaurant to us & asked us to try some food (which was not in the lunch menu).. i guess it's probably from the dinner menu.. we did see that it was very crowded at dinner time..

Sunday, November 02, 2008