Sunday, February 15, 2009

Joso's Restaurant

Joso's Restaurant
Date: February 14, 2009 (Saturday)
Address: 202 Davenport Road, Toronto (Avenue & Bloor)
Phone: (416) 925-1903

thx ZA for letting me know about this restaurant which offers Risotto Nero!!
& seems like they are very famous for their Risotto Nero too! it's located in a very old building in the Bloor area.. if u go onto their website, u'll see many celebrities have visited this restaurant..

Different Bread with Olive Oil..

one of the waitresses brought this plate around & introduced all the seafood to the customers..

Calamari alla Kornati $22
..Joso's renowned lightly floured deep fried squid..
..the waitress highly recommended this one.. & we liked it! the salsa sauce was great for the calamari too!

Clams, Mussels and Shrimp Jadera $25
..Three varieties of shellfish sauteed with white wine, garlic, parsley & a hint of tomato sauce..
..the sauce was perfect for the seafood.. we dipped the bread in the sauce too!

Risotto Nero $46
..An ancient Venetian tradition of Arborio rice prepared with sepia and its ink..'s rich in flavor but a bit salty! & it's really big in portion.. (i still miss the one i had in Venice..)

a closer look at the Risotto Nero..

Fresh Fish alla Griglia (Market Price)
..Joso's fresh selection of ocean treasures presented for your personal choice grilled over an open flame in the typical Dalmation way..
..we had the Red Snapper for $75.. the waitress said it's the only fish that was big enough for the 4 of us to share.. it's very fresh.. we seldom eat grill fish at western restaurant but they did it well!

(right) Mini Duet - Brulee & Mousse $14's Chocolate Mousse with Whipped Valhrona & Creme Brulee (Caramelized custard).. both tasted good! i think it's best dessert among the 3 we ordered..

(left) Amaretto Tartufo $9
..Almond Ice-cream coated with crusted amaretto biscotti, amaretto liquer & whipped cream has a strong liquer flavor..
(right) Tiramisu $11
.."Pick-me-up" Espresso & Kahlua infused ladyfingers & mascarpone..'s a bit too "soft"..

it's a very great Valentine's Day dinner!!
good customer service (even though all the waitresses were so busy)!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


金稻火鍋 Kam Toa Chinese Food & Hot Pot
Date: February 10, 2009 (Tuesday)
Address: 10 East Wilmot St Unit 10.11, Richmond Hill (Hwy 7 & Leslie)
Phone: (905) 882-8877

i guess we are just crazy for hot pot.. so we decided to go back to our "1st choice", 金稻..
we were given a jar of 酸梅湯 Plum Drink & a jar of Lemon Ice Tea upon arrival.. (& they were refilled during the meal..)

there were 2 choices of Hot Pot, Seafood or Beef.. we for sure ordered Seafood as their oysters were really good!! & we ordered 4 different soup bases: 清湯 Clear Chicken Broth, 沙嗲 Satay, 皮蛋芫茜 Preserved Egg & Parsley, & 麻辣 Mala Spicy ($4 extra for that)..

here were the sauces..
..their 沙茶醬 is the best!! i felt like i finally had some real sauces to use for hot pot!!!

these were the Seafood Platters 海鮮盤, with Oysters 生蠔, Shrimps 蝦, Scallops 帆立貝, Enoki 金菇, Surf Clams 北寄貝, etc.

the oysters tasted like they were 殼蠔, but not 桶蠔!!
very fresh & 肥美..

肥牛 Beef

all kinds of handmade 丸s: 手打墨魚丸,牛丸, 豬肉丸, & my favorite fishballs 魚蛋.. the fishballs tasted like those good ones i used to eat in hk..

Other food: 羊肉, 雞肉, 豬肉, 牛柏葉, 豬紅, 豬腰, 豬潤, 豬皮, 醉雞翼, 豆腐, 豆腐泡, 冰豆腐, 麵筋, 腸仔, 雲吞, 韭菜餃, 蘿蔔, 冬瓜, 節瓜, 西洋菜, A菜, 唐蒿菜, 生菜, 豆苗, 大豆芽菜, 蘑菇, 粉絲, 菠菜麵, 烏冬, etc.

we ordered the 煲仔飯 too..生炒糯米飯 Sticky Rice

here's the menu for soup base, sauces etc.. forgot to take pic of the one with the food!! Oops!

it's a very satisfying hot pot dinner!!! we were still very full the next morning!!!

Boston Pizza

Boston Pizza
Date: February 7, 2009 (Saturday)
Address: 157 York Blvd., Richmond Hill (Hwy 7 & Hwy 404)
Phone: (905) 707-9300

we went to try this Boston Pizza closest to us one Saturday.. & we saw kids all around holding colorful balloons.. (maybe it's kids' night?!)

Caesar Salad $5.29
..Romaine lettuce tossed with our signature creamy garlic dressing, crunchy croutons, sprinkled with freshly grated parmesan..

Honey Garlic Chicken Wings $8.99
..the wings were tender & not dry at all..

Yam Fries with Chipotle Dip $4.99
..Slices of sweet yams, fried until golden and crispy & served with a side of our tangy chipotle dip..
..the fries already made us full.. buy very yummy with or without the dip!!

Small Rustic Italian Pizza $15.49
..Signature pizza sauce, mozzarella, cheddar, spicy Italian sausage, red onion & green peppers.. Finished with fresh diced tomato, freshly grated parmesan and herbs.. was covered with peppers & onions!!


每次聽到都會覺得有很大鼓勵! 還會很感動呀!!

路...一直都在.. 只在乎你有沒有勇氣繼續行下去..
努力呀! 「永遠向前 路一直都在

歌手: 陳奕迅
作曲: Adrian Fu / 填詞: 吳向飛 / 編曲: Mac Chew / 監製: Jim Lee


oh 我的夢代表甚麼

That's just life 尋找夢裏的未來
That's just life 消滅現實的無奈
不能後退的時候 不再徬徨的時候
永遠向前 路一直都在

穿過一塊 裏面一片黑暗

oh 我的夢代表甚麼

That's just life 尋找夢裏的未來
That's just life 消滅現實的無奈
不能後退的時候 不再徬徨的時候
永遠向前 路一直都在


That's just life 尋找夢裏的未來
That's just life 消滅現實的無奈
不能後退的時候 不再徬徨的時候
永遠向前 路一直都在

That's just life 徘徊到不再徘徊
That's just life 重來到不怕重來
沒有選擇的時候 不能選擇的時候
永遠向前 路一直都在

Monday, February 09, 2009

Deli Viet 夜市 (Revisit)

Deli Viet 夜市
Address: 4848 Yonge Street, North York (Sheppard & Yonge)
Phone: (416) 224-0075

夜市 is closing down after this Thurs (i.e. Feb. 12, 09)!!!!!
we heard about this, & we just have to go back & eat again before it closes!

Bubble Milk Green Tea 珍珠奶綠
..tasted good.. not too sweet.. 好像永遠也喝不完的 (太大杯了)!!

Smelly Deep Fried Tofu 脆皮臭豆腐
Soft Noodle Soup w/ Pork Intestine 大腸麵線
..i'm gonna miss this.. i couldn't find it anywhere else in Toronto!!

Fried Rice w/ Taiwanese Sausages 台式香腸炒飯
..not bad..
Deep Fried Frog 香酥椒鹽炸田雞
..the "frog" meat was tenderer than chicken meat (比雞肉嫩).. but LG said the size was a bit small (比雞肉少肉).. ..

we asked the waitress if they are moving to another location.. unfortunately, they are really closing down.. so, for those who like 夜市, u better hurry up!!

Sunday, February 01, 2009


(食譜來源: vyvy blog)

看到 vyvy網主因為老公有膽固醇而煮這個餸, 我也決定試試..


1. 松茸菇洗淨去頂部,然後飛水備用。
2. 打勻3個蛋白,加入無糖豆漿攪勻,再放入已飛水的松茸菇。
3. 鋪上微波保鮮紙,放上蒸架上蒸約10-15分鐘。
4. 蒸好後,淋上豉油即可。

P.S. vyvy網主是用本菇的, 其實我不知道本菇和松茸菇的分別.. 但是我十分喜歡吃菇, 所以放了很多松茸菇呀!! (一盒菇可以分兩次用呀!)