Saturday, May 31, 2008

半畝園 Chili Secret (Revisit)

半畝園 Chili Secret
Date: April 27, 2008 (Sunday)
Address: 9021 Leslie Street, Unit 9, Richmond Hill (Hwy 7 & Leslie)
Phone: (905) 764-9119
Opening Hours: Sun-Thur 11am-11pm / Fri & Sat 11am-12am

it's our 2nd visit to this restaurant.. the food was just so-so this time..

(left) 牛肉卷大餅 Beef Roll
(right) 灌湯小籠包 Shanghai Steamed Meat Dumplings

(left) 清炒豆苗 Stir Fried Snow Pea Shoots's 溫室豆苗, so not really good at all..
(right) 菠蘿雞粒炒飯 Chicken & Pineapple Fried Rice

(left) 四川樟茶鴨 Szechuan Smoked Duck
(sorry, can't remember what fish was that..)

豆沙鍋餅 Sweet Red Bean Paste Pancake

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tutto Bene

Tutto Bene
Date: April 24, 2008 (Thursday)
Address: 8133 Yonge Street, Thornhill (Hwy 7 & Yonge)
Phone: (905) 764-0199

i wanna try this place for a long time.. heard that the food was great.. & we finally got a chance to try.. it's a small restaurant in a small plaza on Yonge.. the chef is a Chinese (華人炮製意法佳餚)..
we checked their website & saw that the Lobster Bisque is a "special" item.. so we all ordered one.. it's very rich..

we also had two Daily Specials..
(left) Pasta with clam & white wine sauce
(right) Risotto with scallop, saffron

(left) Pizza with Smoked Salmon, Grilled Fennel, Caramelized Onion, Capers & Fontina Cheese..
(right) Blackened Seabass, Ratatouille, Golder Pineapple Emulsion

generally speaking, the food was good.. some of us like the pizza, while some like the pasta/risotto..

but there was one thing..
when the waiter asked us what to drink, we said "water".. then he asked if we want sparkling water or flat water.. we said flat water, thinking that flat water means tap water.. but the waiter brought us a bottle of mineral water, we thought that maybe they don't offer tap water, which is fine.. however, some other customers arrived shortly afterwards & we saw the waiter brought them tap water!!! we were charged $6.95 for one bottle of water!! seemed like we have been fooled.. they didn't let us know about the option of tap water!!

i just browse on the internet & found an article saying that many diners tend to ask their customers for "sparkling or flat", but not "Sparking, flat or tap?".. worth reading it!
Wet and Wonderful and, Best of All, Free

Friday, May 23, 2008

Friday, May 09, 2008

Lemongrass 檸檬草 (Revisit)

Lemongrass 檸檬草
Date: April 24, 2008 (Thursday)
Address: 633 Silverstar Blvd., Unit 110, Scarborough
Phone: (416) 321-3326
Opening Hours: 11am-11pm

we had lunch here with during a weekday..
they had some Lunch Special for $5.99 or $6.99, including soup, the noodle/rice, & coffee or tea.. we didn't order this but tried some other sets with drink..
(left) Malaysian Glass Vermicelli 馬拉盞炒粉絲
..this was good..
(right) Chargrilled Nam-yue Chicken 南乳燒雞
..this set came with Spring Roll & Mango Cranberry Juice.. however, the Chicken didn't taste good.. very dry..

i always have some "interesting" experiences in this restaurant..
it was very crowded during lunch time, but there were only 3 waiter/waitresses + a boss serving customers.. while 2 of the waitresses were "day-dreaming".. my coffee didn't come for a long time & we started asking one of the waitresses.. she said she'll bring it out right away.. after waiting for a while, nothing came.. & we asked again.. & then asked another waitress again.. but i still haven't got my coffee even we finished eating our lunch.. & at the end, i guess the waiter must have noticed that & he brought me the coffee.. (not only for the coffee, whenever we asked the waitresses for something, it never came!) seems like the waiter is the only one who's actually working.. poor him..

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Wok on Yonge 玲瓏閣 - High Tea

Wok on Yonge 玲瓏閣
Date: April 25, 2008 (Friday)
Address: 7771 Yonge Street, Thornhill (Hwy 7 & Yonge)
Phone: (905) 482-8788
Opening Hours: Mon/Wed/Thurs/Sun 11am-10pm / Fri/Sat 11am-11pm

yes.. we really did come again for Lunch/High Tea!

but since i was late, i wasn't able to take pic of the whole High Tea set..
here's just a portion of food.. (food was good & we were all full..)
the afternoon tea is from 1-5pm, $9.98 per person (min 2 person) with Steamed Dim Sum (即蒸點心), Pan Fried & Pastry (煎炸美點), Desserts (甜點), & Coffee or Tea..

they had a selection of tea..
e.g. "Premier" Japanese Aromatic Tea, such as Rosemary 迷迭香, Marigold 金盞花, etc..
"Premier" English Fruit Tea, such as Mango, Apricot, Passion Fruit, etc..
Traditional Chinese Tea, such as Jasmine 香片, Pu Li 普洱, Rice Green Tea 玄米茶, etc..

we ordered dim sum as well..

there was a menu with Noodles & Rice too..

& here's the Dim Sum menu..

Saturday, May 03, 2008

12 Days Greek Isles Cruise - Day 8 Kusadasi (Ephesus), Turkey

Date: November 16, 2007 (Friday)
Place: Kusadasi (Ephesus), Turkey (古薩達斯/以弗所, 土耳其)
Day 8

our ship was docked downtown within the walking distance to the shops & restaurants.. however, a taxi to go to Ephesus is ~50 euros.. so we decided to join the excursion to Ancient Ephesus: Enter the Magnesia Gate and explore ancient Ephesus on a guided walking tour..

Ephesus is one of the best preserved ancient cities in the world.. we passed through all the columns, mosaics, monuments & ruins..

The Gate of Heracles's located at the beginning of Curetes Street..

God of Nike in Ephesus
in Greek mythology, Nike is called the Goddess of Victory.. she came before the Olympians & is the emblem of the Olympic games.. she is the daughter of the giant Pallas & the river Goddess Styx.. she was sent to fight on the side of Zeus in his battle against the Titans..

Temple of Hadrian..
Hadrian's Temple earned the second 'Temple-Wardenship' for Ephesus.. it's consist of a monumental pronaos and a small, bare cella..

some well preserved carvings

The Ancient Public Toilets's of Greek design.. there were no private stalls, just several closely adjacent "seats" on long benches.. below the bench was a channel for carrying away wastes..

heard that in the old times, the wealthy Ephesians would send their slaves down early to warm up a seat for them..

The Library of Celsus

it was built ca. AD 125 by Gaius Julius Aquila in memory of his father, and once held nearly 12,000 scrolls.. in 262 AD during the Gothic raids, the library was destroyed by fire, but the facade remained undamaged..

The Theatre
.. has the capacity of 25,000 seats.. it is believed to be the largest outdoor theater in the ancient world..

some nice trees in Ephesus.. a big contrast to the ruins..
a funny toilet sign @ Ephesus.. u need to pay 0.5 Euros to go to toilet..

the excursion included a stop at a shop while we attended a demonstration on the art of Turkish carpet weaving..

the store owner served us with drinks (lots of choices including beer, wine, pops, apple tea, etc.) & their homemade "cheesecake"..

the port @ Kusadasi

Kusadasi Bazaar
(right) The Evil Eye.. traditionally in Turkey, it is believed that a simple glass blue eye can ward off evil and bring luck and success..

the water was soooo clear..

Day 8 Lunch
(left) Appetizer: Smoked Salmon Mousse with Toast Points & Capers
(right) Entree: Spaghetti alla Carbonara (Tossed with Bacon, Egg Yolks & Cream with Freshly Grated Parmesan Cheese)

Fish & Chips (Catch of the Sea's Finest Filets Right Out of the Fryer with a Dash of Malt Vinegar, Served with Shoestring Potatoes)

it's a half-day tour so we continued to have our "movie marathon" today, watching "The Hoax" in the Princess Theatre, "The Black Dahlia" & "Ocean's 13" in our statement..

Day 8 Dinner - International Dinner
(left) Canada: Crabmean & Cantaloupe Melon Balls Served with Aurora Sauce
(right) Spain: Field Green Mesclun Salad with Cabbage Slaw & Cucumber (Champagne Vinaigrette, Thousand Island, Low-Fat House Tomato-Pimiento Dressing)

(left) China: Traditional Wor Won Ton Soup
(right) U.S.A.: Surf & Turf (Filet Mignon From the Grill & Sauteed Gulf Shrimp with Browned Red New Potatoes & Batonette Vegetables)

(left) Australia: Oven Baked Spring Leg of Lamb, Aussie Style (Slowly Roasted with Aromatic Herbs in a Pungent Apple Cider, Accompanied with Sweet Mint Baby Peas & Sliced Potatoes with Onions)
(right) Switzerland: Vacherin Suisse (Layers of Meringue Filled with Fresh Whipped Cream & Decorated with Chocolate Shavings)

(left) Austria: Sacher Torte (A Historial Chocolate Cake Filled with Apricot Jam)
(right) Cafe latte Ice Cream