Saturday, March 24, 2007

Wok on Yonge 玲瓏閣 (Revisit)

Wok on Yonge 玲瓏閣
Address: 7771 Yonge Street, Thornhill (Hwy 7 & Yonge)
Phone: (905) 482-8788

again, we were here.. with MM this time.. they launched a different tasting menu in Spring.. & we tried their Lobster Dinner this time (the $45 one)..


the salad was good.. the mango was not too sour.. & we liked the 貢菜.. tasted a bit sweet & 爽口..
after trying the 鵝肝, MM said it tasted different than usual.. so she asked the waiter.. & after consulting the chef, the waiter said it's becoz they serve Fushion, which means they added in some other ingredients into the 鵝肝 to make it tasted different.. & for the 琥珀蘆筍, there were XO sauce wrapped inside the 腐皮.. made it a bit spicy..
same as last time, after 4 courses, 「奉上石榴功夫香茶 清新口腔提升口感」..

MM said the 翅 was not hot enough.. while the chicken was very hot upon arrival.. & it's really big in portion.. took us a long time to finish it.. the 海棠蛋 had salad dressing on it..
for the lobster, the white sauce had onions & mushrooms in it.. making us feel very rich.. (especially after eating the chicken..)
& this one was actually mashed potatoes.. but kinda cold.. (maybe it's really served cold..) i liked the mushrooms.. but after all the chicken & lobster, i couldn't really finish the potatoes..
& then, 「奉上極品普洱功夫茶 幫助消化清熱去脂」..


i liked 龍蝦膏片兒麵.. those noodles were in small square pieces.. mixing with many 龍蝦膏.. tasted good.. LG & MM liked the 杏仁茶.. also the 星桃.. & those jelly had two "levels", i.e. two different flavors..
overall was good.. but we were very full this time.. the portion seemed to be bigger than that from last time.. maybe coz we had the more expensive menu this time.. =P

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Lotus Hall Chinese Cuisine 雲陽閣 (Revisit)

Lotus Hall Chinese Cuisine 雲陽閣川粵菜館 (Closed!)
Address: 1 Spadina Road, Unit 21-23, Richmond Hill (16th & Leslie)
Phone: (905) 508-6389

went there for dinner with friends on a week-night.. 4 of us tried the followings:
Spicy Szechuan Wonton (紅油抄手).. spicy & it's perfect for those who love spicy food..
Braised Tien-Tsin with Chinese Ham (火腿津白)

Braised Jumble Meatball with Vegetable (紅燒獅子頭).. it's my 1st time having 獅子頭.. never tried it before.. LG said it's very 鬆化..
糯米釀雞 (i couldn't recall the exact name!).. this was the one which the waitress HIGHLY recommended..

the food were pretty good..

a little annoying experience this time as a waitress kept standing next to us & asking us to order this & that.. (at least for 5 mins non-stop) we already told her that we need some time to decide, but she kept ignoring us & saying that this one is good & that one is a must-try, etc etc.. -_-"

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Congee Queen 皇后名粥

Congee Queen 皇后名粥
Address: 2920 Steeles Avenue East, Thornhill (Steeles & Hwy 404)
Phone: (905) 731-3880
Opening Hours: Mon-Thurs 10:30am-12am / Fri 10:30am-1am / Sat 10am-1am / Sun 10am-12am

many friends recommend this restaurant to us so we went there to try twice..
the 1st time we just had a BBQ duck noodle & rice, which were good..
& this time, it seems a bit disappointing..

we had the Dough Fritter Rice Noodle Roll (即蒸炸兩), which was ok..
& Fried Chilli Turnip Patties (星洲炒蘿蔔糕), where my friends keep saying that it was delicious.. however, it seemed like the flavor was not strong enough.. LG tried their Minced Beef Congee (免治牛肉粥) too, but he said it's not "minced" though..

& i had a Tea & Coffee Mixed which it tasted awful! it seems like the food quality dropped a bit this time.. maybe it's just an "accident".. hmm..

Saturday, March 10, 2007


Address: 122 Elizabeth Street, Toronto (Dundas & Bay)
Phone: (416) 599-5557
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 11:30am-10:30pm / Sun Seasonal..Please check

after reading so much about this restaurant (from Marz & TorontoFoodies), i finally got a chance to go visit.. it's a small & cozy place.. when we first sat down, we felt the heat coming from the bench.. i believe they have put some heating system underneath the bench..

it was full house on that nite.. since we had pre-ordered the Omakase (chef's tasting menu), we didn't even look at the menu.. so, here's our 1st dish.. the presentation was really catchy.. especially the Oyster Shooter.. the waitress did explain what's in it.. (but obviously i don't have good memory..) all i remember is there were uni, quail egg, tobiko, some sauces, & oyster.. the mixture tasted delicious!!
the other two were Half Shell Scallop & Raw Oyster.. the Scallop with mayonnaise & cheese, & a hint of lemon juice.. which was excellent! Oyster was fresh for sure..
the 2nd dish was a green salad, with shrimp, hokkigai (北寄貝), & 筍.. sweet vinegar/dressing..
here came the Tempura.. Red Pepper, Eggplant (矮瓜), Fig (無花果) & "Leaf" (葉).. it's special.. not those regular tempura..
the sashimi boat for two.. very fresh & yummy! 十分肥美!!
these were Smelt Fish & Grilled Snapper..
sushi plate for two.. which tasted very good!
Steamed Egg Custard (茶碗蒸蛋).. with a slice of salmon inside.. 好滑!
& it's my 2nd time having all black Black Sesame ice-cream (the 1st time at Tsukiji Sushi Village 築地).. very rich in flavor.. 好香呀!
we had a very long dinner.. about 15 minutes between courses.. (they were very busy that night..) we noticed that the two chefs at the front were actually serving the A La Carte menu while two chefs at the back were making the Omakase.. it was $70/person.. i think it worths a try.. but maybe in a less busy night! =P