Thursday, November 30, 2006

Hana-bi Japanese Restaurant 花火

Hana-bi Japanese Restaurant 花火
Address: 3235 Hwy 7 East, Unit 28, Markham (First Markham Place)
Phone: (905) 948-9666
Business Hours: Sun-Thur 11:30am-10:30pm / Fri-Sat: 11:30am-11pm

haven't updated my blog for weeks..
work is crazy these days.. don't really have time to go online..
& becoz of that, we did go out for dinner a bit more these days..

we tried this Jap restaurant in First Markham Place..
it's a small place operated by Japaneses (or Koreans?)..

we tried two of the special rolls: the SF (Salmon Family) Roll & the Alexandar Roll..
the SF Roll was made of Salmon raw, fresh salmon, salmon skin, avocados, cucumber & green onion.. while the Alexander Roll was made of Deep fried shrimp, avocados, fish egg, cucumber & eel.. both tasted good! & i like the SF Roll more.. all these mixed together gave a good taste..

they do have some other special rolls with different combinations.. & there are pictures of those rolls on their menu too..
we also ordered an Uni Handroll, for which the Uni was very fresh..

we had the soup & salad for free on that night.. the waitress said it's not always free & it's just that night..
& then the waitress brought us the Cold Soba.. saying that it's on the host..
& after we finished the rolls we ordered, the waitress brought us another roll, a Deep Fried Salmon Roll, which was on the host too.. the Deep Fried Salmon Roll tasted good..

the overall experience was good.. the food was above average.. & the staff was friendly too..

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Hisui Japanese Cuisine 玉日本料理

Hisui Japanese Cuisine 玉日本料理 (Closed!)
Address: 1883 McNicoll Avenue, Scarborough (McNioll & Kennedy)
Phone: (416) 754-8838
Opening Hours: Mon-Thur: 11am-2:30pm & 5-11pm / Fri-Sun: 11am-2:30pm & 5-11:30pm

the menu first caught our attention.. it's nicely binded.. in good quality card-paper.. with colorful pictures inside..

& then the 2nd thing that caught our attention was one of the waiters.. we recalled seeing him before.. serving in another restaurant.. & yes, he used to work in JP2..

we were told that this restaurant has just been opened for 2 months.. & its location was actually used to be 「春葉」.. the decoration becomes more modern & looks very nice now..

Conch Soup (響螺湯)
it came in a conch.. & we have to pour the soup into a mini bowl.. the soup could fill up the mini bowl twice.. & lots of conch meat inside..

Urajiro (釀鮮冬菇天婦羅).. it's Shrimp Meat Mushroom Tempura..
it's 2 big mushrooms cut into half = 4 pieces.. not much flour.. & tasted good!!
Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab (炸軟殼蟹)
good & not greasy..

Tofu Sandwich (豆腐三文治)
it's one of the Chef's recommendations.. Unagi inside the Tofu.. i've tried this in another restaurnant before & this one is good too..

Uni Handroll (海膽手卷)
they didn't put the Uni in the middle of the rice/roll, instead they put it on the very "side" of it..

Rainbow Roll (彩虹卷)
fresh sashimi..

Spicy Salmon Roll (辣三文魚卷)

LG ordered a beer too & when the bill came, we figured that they forgot to charge for it.. & after telling the waiter (the one from JP2) about it, he gave us two Green Tea ice-cream for free..

we both liked the food & the environment.. very clean & spacious..

& there are 3 VIP rooms & one side of the restaurant is for Teppanyaki (鐵板燒)..

it's stated on their menu that their "Angus beef & Kobe beef is shipped in from Wagyu Kobe Beef Supplier, a favourite supplier amongst the North American market".. LG said he must try it next time..

Sunday, November 12, 2006

The Chef Thai Fusion 王泰軒 (Revisit)

The Chef Thai Fusion 王泰軒 (Closed!)
Address: 115 Times Avenue, Unit B2 & B3, Markham (Hwy 7 & Leslie)
Phone: (905) 882-1110

it's our 2nd time being here.. this time, we had lunch with our friends there.. since we have 4 people, we can try the Curries Platter!!
before that, we had the appetizer.. Fresh Salad Roll (牛油果鮮蝦卷)
it's really an "appetizer" as there are only two pieces..

Rainbow Curries Platter (幻彩咖喱盆)
i try to picture it from both sides in order to have a better view of all the sauces..
we ordered a small Platter.. there are shrimps, chicken, beef & some veggie in it.. & it came with 7 sauces: Taro (芋頭), Pumpkin (南瓜), Blueberry (藍莓), Wasabi (芥末), Red Curry, Green Curry & Yellow Curry (紅, 綠, 黃咖喱).. there is a little bit of coconut taste in most of the sauces.. & it's nice to serve with the French Bread..
Thai Glass Noodles (秘制水晶粉)
i guess the ingredients here are actually the same as those in Pad Thai.. it's different kind of noodles here..

we keep trying the 7 different sauces with cucumber (青瓜).. as there are a lot of cucumber on the side of each dish..

Friday, November 10, 2006

Oriental Delight 小南國 (Revisit)

Oriental Delight 小南國 (Closed!)
Address: 360 Highway 7 East, Unit 15-16, Richmond Hill (Hwy 7 & Chalmers Rd.)
Phone: (905) 707-7355

today is their grand opening.. so they offered Steamed Pork Dumplings (小籠包) to each table for free..

we orderd Smoked Tea Duck (樟茶鴨) as LG's colleague said it's good..
it tasted "smoked".. not bad..

very rich in ingredients & sauce.. however, the flavor was not what it should be like.. a bit disappointing..

Sunday, November 05, 2006

免 "炒" 糯米飯

obviously, this is not my recipe.. thx ZA as it's from her!!
many of us have actually seen her making this & it tasted very good!!

免 "炒" 糯米飯

糯米 一杯
粘米 一杯
水份 兩杯
臘腸 (切粒) 兩條
冬菇 (切粒) 三隻
蝦米 ¼杯
瑤柱 兩隻

調味 : 甜豉油 (or 煲仔飯豉油)

冬菇/蝦米/瑤柱: 清洗之後, 用清水泡至軟身
P.S 如用熱水泡, 可縮短所需要時間
P.S 可將泡冬菇/蝦米/瑤柱的水, 代替清水煮飯
臘腸: 如果太硬, 可將臘腸隔水蒸至軟身, 之後切粒

Step 1 - 將糯米同粘米一同洗淨, 隔水. 連同水份放入電飯煲內煮.
Step 2 - 將臘腸粒放熱油鍋中, 略炒. 再將冬菇粒, 蝦米炒至略干身. 最後加入瑤柱略炒. 備用.

Step 3 - 當飯煮好後 (有蒸汽出), 將炒好配料鋪在飯面上. 放好, 再按”飯制” (Cook) 一次
Step 4 - 煮好後, 加上適量甜豉油, 葱粒



當飯再次煮好後 (after Step 3), 再待數分鐘後, 用木筷子攪拌, 將甜豉油, 葱粒拌入飯中. 這樣糯米飯便不會黏住.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Chef Thai Fusion 王泰軒

The Chef Thai Fusion 王泰軒 (Closed!)
Address: 115 Times Avenue, Unit B2 & B3, Markham (Hwy 7 & Leslie)
Phone: (905) 882-1110

LG is having a b-day month as SL treated us for dinner becoz of LG's big day!! so the 3 of us went to The Chef for dinner.. it's decorated nicely inside, & a new menu..

since we were sharing the food, we just ordered two main courses & an appetizer.. the appetizer, Grilled Pork Neck (炭燒豬頸肉), was the one i like most.. sadly the portion was a bit small..

for main courses, we had Thai Pineapple Fried Rice (泰式鮮菠蘿炒飯) & Singapore Royale (香茅咖哩炒粉).. both were not bad..

we also tried their drinks.. we had the Mango Juice..

& while we were eating, we noticed that there was a dish which came with many different sauces.. & it's nicely presented.. i think we'll try that next time.. (althou it seems a little bit pricy, i'll still try it again for that particular dish.. hee hee..)