Sunday, April 03, 2011

Embrujo Flamnco Tapas Restaurant

Embrujo Flamnco Tapas Restaurant
Date: April 3, 2011 (Sunday)
Address: 97 Danforth Avenue, Toronto
Phone: (416) 778-0007

we bought the fab deals coupon & wanna try different tapas so we picked this one.. the 6 of us went there on a Sunday evening for dinner.. among all the tapas we ordered, we like the Duck Confit & the Pork Belly most..

Tortilla $6.95
Not like it's French or Mexican cousins. This classic Spanish original is a thick wedge of potatoes, onions & eggs

Boquerones en Vinagre $8.95
Anchovies marinated in vinegar & extra virgin olive oil. A Spanish staple in tapas bars & nothing like the salty kind know in North America
..this one is too sour for us..

Calamares a la Romana $9.95
Fried squid with aliolo. This tapa is a timeless classic of Spanish bar-top snacking
..calamari is good as usual.. crispy & not too much flour..

Pato con Peras $10.95
Duck confit with pears
..this is one of our fav.. very juicy & tender meat.. & it went very well with the pears..

Panceta $9.95
Pork Belly served with mashed potato, cantaloupe & watermelon
..this is one of our fav.. the sauce is a sweet creamy sauce.. feel "fat" though..

Gambas en Anis $10.95
Sauted shrimps with portobello mushrooms in an anise sauce
..i like the sauce & the mushrooms.. fresh shrimp..

Classic Bomba Rice Paella $59 for two
This paella uses traditional Spanish short grain rice from Valencia, Spain, & it's served with mussels, shrimps, squid, chicken & chorizo

Arroz Negro $59 for two
(Available Thursday through Sunday)
Truly one of the most exotic paella flavours; rice & prawns, squid & fish cooked in squid ink
..i like this paella better than the Bomba one.. (maybe coz i like the squid ink sauce.. hee hee..) the seafood is fresh.. & it made us wanna visit Joso's..

during the meal, someone came up & played spanish guitar & a girl danced there.. entertaining the guests..

a very nice dinner.. it's a good experience to try something new..