Thursday, January 27, 2011

天津小吃 Tian Jin Fine Food

天津小吃 Tian Jin Fine Food
Date: January 26, 2011 (Wednesday)
Address: Unit 265FC, First Markham Place, 3255 Hwy 7 East, Markham
Phone: (905) 940-8060

it has been a month since we last ate these yummy dumplings!!! finally, we bought them!!
our fav is their 韭菜餃!! MUST try!!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

拉麵王 Sun's Kitchen

拉麵王 Sun's Kitchen
Address: Heritage Town Unit F5, Pacific Mall 太古廣場 太古民族村
Phone: (905) 947-8463

LG likes their noodles a lot.. it's very chewy (彈牙)..
however, the other ingredients were not so good..
maybe we'll go again & try another noodles with different ingredients in it..

Friday, January 21, 2011

興隆軒餃子 Northern Dumpling Kitchen

興隆軒餃子 Northern Dumpling Kitchen
Date: January 21, 2011 (Friday)
Address: Unit 52A, 550 Highway 7 East, Richmond Hill (@ Times Square)
Phone: (905) 881-3818

酸辣湯 Hot & Sour Soup $3.99
..the sesame oil (麻油 ) taste was too strong!

小籠包 Soup Filled Dumplings $5.5
..the soup (小籠包湯汁) was a bit salty
鮮肉韭菜蒸餃 Steamed Leeks & Pork Dumplings $3.99
..dumplings were good..  

乾煸麻辣肥腸 Fried Intestine in Szuchuan flavor $9.99
..liked it.. very crispy intestine.. & a very familiar spicy flavor.. the exact same spice used in 水煮肉片 @ 糊塗樓

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


我做了這個沙爹醬來伴串燒雞柳 (@ Christmas Party), 大家都很喜歡!!

(食譜參考: 自家製懷舊小食)

材料:新昌記炸魚蛋 2 包、水 1 小杯
沙爹醬材料 Satay sauce ingredients:
乾蔥茸 1 湯匙      1tbsp minced shallot
蒜茸 1 茶匙      1 tsp minced garlic
花生醬 2 湯匙     2 tbsp peanut butter
咖喱醬 1 湯匙     1 tbsp curry paste
黃薑粉 1 茶匙     1 tsp turmeric powder
辣椒粉 1/4 茶匙     1/4 tsp chili powder
芫茜粉 1/4 茶匙     1/4 tsp ground coriander seed
砂糖 2 茶匙     2 tsp caster sugar
水 3 湯匙    3 tbsp water
生抽 1 湯匙     1 tbsp soy sauce
老抽 2 茶匙     2 tsp dark soy sauce

1. 魚蛋用熱水飛水,洗淨,瀝乾。
2. 以慢火燒熱少許油,爆香乾蔥茸及蒜茸,加入沙爹醬材料。
3. 注入1 小杯清水後用大火滾起,然後放入魚蛋煮滾後蓋好鍋蓋,改用慢火煮約8-10分鐘略為收乾汁料水粉。熄火,將魚蛋浸2小時或以上至入味便可享用。

P.S. 一定要用新昌記炸魚蛋.. 這是我在市面上吃過最好味的,口感彈牙!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Niwatei 丹羽亭

Niwatei 丹羽亭
Date: January 16, 2011 (Saturday)
Address: 3160 Steeles Avenue East #2, Markham
Phone: (905) 513-6492
Opening Hours: Tues-Thurs 12-2:30pm, 5-9pm / Fri 12-2:30pm, 5-10pm / Sat 12-10pm / Sun 12-9pm / Monday Closed

looking for good Ramen & came across this one @ J-Town.. it's a quiet but nice cozy restaurant.. not many choices re food (similar as Kenzo)..

we had 2 Ramen Set $12.8 each, including Ramen, with your choice of  side & dessert..
LG & i both liked their ramen as the texture was right -- quite chewy.. not much ingredients though..

Soy Sauce Ramen
..served with hard-boiled egg, slices of tender pork, fish cake, red pickled ginger & scallions..

Tonkotsu Ramen (Pork Bone Based Noodle soup)
..i liked the soup base, milky & rich in flavor.. the sliced pork were tender but too small in portion..

Gyoza (3pc)
..the server asked us to mix soya sauce with vineger when dipping the Gyoza.. nice.. i especially liked that they were not "deeply" fried..

(left) Red Bean Ice-Cream
(right) Mitsumame (Canned fruits with a paste of Red Bean jelly)
..the other 2 choices were Green Tea Ice-Cream & Coffee Jelly..

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Eclipse @ Deerhurst Resort

Deerhurst Resort
Address: 1235 Deerhurst Drive, Huntsville
Phone: (705) 789-6411

finally, we had a very nice brunch @ Deerhurst on Sunday!! YUMMY!!

this was the Seafood section..

a variety of seafood..

Dessert Table

Chocolate fountain

lots of desserts..

it was snowing heavily on our way back home..

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Norsemen Restaurant @ Huntsville

Norsemen Restaurant
Date: January 1, 2011 (Sat)
Address: 1040 Walker Lake Drive, R. R. #4 Huntsville
Phone: (705) 635-2473

i saw a lot of good reviews about this restaurant on Tripadvisor.. the food was ok but slow..

too cold & we needed hot soup..  $7

Oysters $11

5 Spice Tuna Carpaccio Sushi grade tuna seasoned, seared, and served raw, daikon radish and mixed greens with a sesame vinaigrette $10

Seared Duck Breast $24
..too chewy..

Rack of Venison $30's deer meat.. LG thought it's not that nicely done..

(left) Dark Chocolate Mousse.. Rich chocolate mousse finished with Grand Marnier. Served with a banana brûlée
(right) Green Tea Poached Pear Simmered in green tea, cored, and stuffed with mascarpone cheese. Pistachio brittle.
..this dessert was quite special.. though we couldn't taste any green tea flavor..

The Cottage Waterfront Grill @ Huntsville + Gingerbread Village

The Cottage Waterfront Grill
Date: January 1, 2011 (Saturday)
Address: 7 John St, Huntsville
Phone: (705) 789-6842

Not many places were opened on New Year day, The Cottage Waterfront Grill was one of them.. a nice place for lunch..

Seafood Medley Chowder $6.99

Fishs & Chips
One "Muskoka Cream Ale" battered fillter of haddock cooked to a golden brown

we then went to Deerhurst to check out.. & we found this beautiful Gingerbread Village.. it's for "G8 Summit"..