Friday, July 31, 2009

大口記 Big Mouth Kee

大口記 Big Mouth Kee
Date: July 31, 2009 (Friday)
Address: 280 West Beaver Creek Road, Uni L13, L15, Richmond Hill (Hwy 7 & Leslie)
Phone: (905) 881-8821

i only thing i remember about this dinner is.. the oysters were very "fat" & yummy!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sapporo Sushi

Sapporo Sushi
Date: July 18, 2009 (Saturday)
Address: 330 Highway 7 East, Richmond Hill (Hwy 7 & Bayview)
Phone: (905) 882-7877

many people recommend this restaurant so we thought we should give it a try..
it's full house when we arrived at ~8pm on a Saturday..


(left) Scallop Sushi $3
(right) Spicy Salmon Maki $3.5

we ordered the Matsu Sushi (14 pcs) $10.95

the sashimi was fresh.. LG liked it..

however, we came here again for dinner weeks later & found the food not as good as the 1st time.. a bit disappointed..

Monday, July 13, 2009

The David Duncan House

The David Duncan House
Date: July 13, 2009 (Monday)
Address: 125 Moatfield Drive, Don Mills (Sheppard & Don Mills)
Phone: (416) 391-1424

i've been there many many years ago & remember it's a very classy restaurant.. it's a historic house standing on its own on Don Mills.. very nice environment.. that's why we brought our overseas guests here for dinner..

our main entrées include Garlic Bread, choice of Soup of the Day or Garden Fresh Salad with choice of Dressing & a choice of Potato or Rice.. "We use only the finest quality of products and ingredients for your satisfaction." quoted from their menu..

(i only took a couple of pictures thou..)

Duckling a l'Orange Grand Marnier $26.95
..Crispy oven-roasted duckling, deboned & topped with our secret orange Grand Marnier sauce, served with rice and fresh vegetables..
..tender & nicely cooked..

Roast Prime Rib (Regular cut) $31.95
..a large portion of tender & juicy Prime Beef Au Jus..
Chocolate Raspberry Mousse Cake $5.5
"A favorite of David Duncan House Customers for over 7 years and an award winner at the 1994 Bakery Showcase! A refreshing dessert made with layers of raspberry and chocolate mousse, glistening with raspberry glaze."
..we found it a little bit too sweet..

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Miller Tavern

Miller Tavern
Date: July 12, 2009 (Sunday)
Address: 3885 Yonge Street, North York (401 & Yonge)
Phone: (416) 322-5544

we were so glad to be invited to have brunch with the newlyweds in the Miller Tavern..

it's a 3-courses weekend brunch for $25 + tips&tax.. (Saturday, Sunday & Holidays 11am - 3pm).. the environment is very nice..

First Course.. Drinks
Brunch Bellini or Brunch Mimosa.. served with a Brunch Pastry Basket

Second Course
Duck Confit n' Hash
Poached Eggs with house made duck confit & house cured duck prosciutto, celeriac & yuca hash. Served with sauce noisette
..i tried this one.. it had too many potatoes which made me feel very full after eating a bit..

Truffled Poached Eggs
Portabello mushroom ravioli on a bed of wilted spinach with pan roast cherry tomatoes, grilled asparagus & a truffle hollandaise sauce

House-Cured Smoked Salmon Rosti
A warm shredded herb potato cake topped with cool artichoke & cream cheese spread, Quail egg, crème fraîche & our house-cured smoked salmon

Lobster & Shrimp Coddled Eggs
Baked on a bed of fresh lobster, shrimp & herbs topped with a light lobster & Parmesan cheese sauce, sliced vine ripened tomatoes & fresh herbs
as i heard, the Smoked Salmon Rosti & the Lobster & Shrimp Coddled Eggs seemed to be the best.. all the courses were very full, none of us could really finish the whole dish.. but the fruits were very fresh & sweet!!..

Third Course.. Dessert
Chocolate Caramel Cheesecake
Vanilla Crème Brûlée
both were yummy!!

i think it's a good place for a Weekend gathering with friends or family.. with great food & good environment!!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Focaccia Restaurant

Focaccia Restaurant
Date: July 8, 2009 (Wednesday)
Address: 17 Hayden Street, Toronto (Bloor & Yonge)
Phone: (416) 323-0179
Opening Hours: Lunch: Mon-Fri 11:30am-2:30pm / Dinner: Tues-Sat 6-10pm

it's a very small & cozy restaurant.. i didn't notice it even though i park my car in the public parking next to it every week!! it's a blend of Cuban & Italian cuisine.. we were guessing that one of the Chefs is Cuban & the other one is Italian..

Penne chicken, mushroom, rose sauce $15
..i like the rose sauce, & the penne was nicely cooked..

Baked tilapia filet, Puttanesca sauce, mixed salad $16
..the tilapia filet tasted fresh

will definitely recommend this restaurant to my friends!!

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Woodstone Restaurant 森石

Woodstone Restaurant 森石
Date: July 5, 2009 (Sunday)
Address: 20 Apple Creek Blvd., Unit 2, Markham (Hwy 7 & Woodbine)
Phone: (905) 305-6755

wanna have Curry Crab all of a sudden but didn't wanna go far.. so we decided to try 森石..

the Curry Crab was a bit too small comparing to the one we had in the other restaurants.. but taste still good!

we also had bubble tea but the tapiocas were flavorless..

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Sushi Kaji

Sushi Kaji
Date: July 1, 2009 (Wednesday)
Address: 860 The Queensway, Etobicoke
Phone: (416) 252-2166

some friends have recommeded this restaurant for their authentic Japanese food.. they said i gotta go try it at least once.. the price seems to be expensive, but if it's authentic, i'll definitely go for it!! & yes, the food & the service were excellent!! it seems like we ate non-stop.. there were many courses..

we tried the Takumi set ($120 for 9 courses) & the Waza set ($100 for 7 courses)..

Uzaku - vinegared eel & cucumber's 鰻魚 + 酸瓜 + 海帶

Steamed littleneck clam w/ sake & butter sauce

Simmered eggplant w/ somen noodle & boiled egg w/ dashi's like 溫泉蛋..

Radish cake stuffed w/ simmered octopus

Onion & shrimp cake tempura

Sashimi i remember, there r fatty tuna, yellowtail, trout, amaebi (sweet shrimp) & salad..

(left) it's tuna + egg yolk
(right) it's potato + fish + onion (can't remember which kind of fish thou..)

Butter squash stuffed with chicken cake
Grilled halibut with butter & soy sauce

the shrimp head from the sashimi..

Chawan-mushi 茶碗蒸
Grilled trout & roasted duck
..on the right is cucmuber with smoke salmon..

..there r tuna, fatty tuna, trout + salmon fish roe, amaebi, etc..
here we have eel, fatty tuna, scallop, herring fish roe..


the left one is coffee jelly.. the right one is Lime mousse..

the sushi chef made it for us using carrot, radish & onion.. so nice!

the waiter wrapped the "flowers" for us so that we can save it & bring it home.. & he taught us how to keep them for a while..