Friday, September 30, 2011

Sunset Grill

Sunset Grill
Date: September 30, 2011 (Friday)
Address: 120 Bloor Street East, Toronto (Bloor & Yonge)
Phone: (416) 967-3447
Opening Hours: Daily 7am-4pm

how about All-Day-Breakfast for lunch?
the portion was actually more than breakfast..

the upper one was under the category "Light Breakfasts" while the bottom one was "All-Day Breakfasts"..

Fresh Fruit Salad
An assortment of fresh fruit topped with strawberries could choose what kind of eggs you want.. LW ordered egg-white only..  
Eggs Florentine
Three eggs over easy served on sautéed baby spinach with melted Swiss on English muffins topped with Hollandaise sauce. Served with home fries
..there were too much Spinach which made my mouth feels dry afterwards.. but the Eggs Florentine tasted good.. & very full..

Side Pancakes x3

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Spring Rolls @ Eglinton

Spring Rolls
Date: September 28, 2011 (Wednesday)
Address: 45 Eglinton Avenue East, Toronto (Eglinton & Yonge)
Phone: (416) 322-7655

having dinner with LG @ Spring Rolls (again!) but we went to the Eglinton one this time.. the Dinner Special is $19.99 each, with Appetizer + Entrée + Dessert..

Mango Milk Share was on special for $3.5.. LG said he would prefer something thicker in texture..

Seafood Salad Wrap's basically crabmeat shredded with cucumber in cabbage..

Salt & Pepper Calamari
..i believe this was the best of the meal..

Grilled Rack of Lamb
new zealand lamb grilled to perfection, topped with thai green curry sauce, served with brown rice
..LG said it's a bit overcooked..

Boston Lobster Tempura Roll
tempura lobster, avocado, tobiko with special mango sauce's not bad, but nothing special

(right) Mango Coconut Pudding
(left) Mango Crème brûlée
..Crème brûlée was better

Spring Rolls @ Yonge

Spring Rolls
Date: September 28, 2011 (Wednesday)
Address: 693 Yonge Street, Toronto (Bloor & Yonge)
Phone: (416) 972-6623

came here for lunch with friends.. we got free specialty drinks since we know someone working here (yea!) we ordered their lunch special set, which is ~$13.99 each.. with appetizer & main.. they introduced sushi/sashimi lately & were not too bad..

Mini Sushi Pizza's crabmeat with red onion & peppers.. an interesting combination..

Dragon Roll

Chicken & Shrimp Vermicelli
..the vermicelli were too soft.. making the whole dish a bit too "wet" together with the sauce..

Monday, September 26, 2011

大家好 Pepper Wok (Revisit)

大家好 Pepper Wok
Date: September 26, 2011 (Monday)
Address: 280 West Beaver Creek Road, Unit 28, Richmond Hill (Hwy 7 & Leslie)
Phone: (905) 889-8928
Opening Hours: 9am-9pm

we came here again on Monday for dinner.. & it seemed like we've ordered a bit too much, which the waitress had to pull another table over to give us more spaces for eating.. heehee!

紅油炒手 Won Ton w/ Hot Spicy Sauce $5.75's pretty big in portion, but didn't taste like a traditional 紅油炒手.. can skip this next time..
雞扒撈丁 $5.5

焗葡汁海鮮飯 Baked Seafood w/ Portuguese Style Sauce on Rice $7.99 "today's special", which came with soup & drink.. & it had a strong coconut flavor.. very rich in ingredients.. big & fresh shrimp, mussels, & other seafood.. LG said they made this dish with heart, & they were not cheap on ingredients..
蒜蓉蜜糖雞翼 Honey Garlic Chicken Wings (6 pcs) $4.5's cripsy, with both honey & garlic flavor..

Saturday, September 24, 2011

楊家麵館 Yang's Restaurant (Revisit)

楊家麵館 Yang's Restaurant
Date: September 24, 2011 (Saturday)
Address: 8392 Kennedy Road, #9A, Markham (Hwy 7 & Kennedy @ 新旺角廣場)
Phone: (905) 604-0798
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11am-10pm

another visit.. noodles were still good.. but we ordered different "soup base" this time & we didn't really like it..

煎鍋貼 Deep Fried Dumplings (8 pcs) $4.99

秘製豬肉打鹵麵 Esoteric Pork Noodle in Soup $6.99
..LG doesn't like the soup base..
香辣麻醬涼拌麵 Mixed Noodles with Hot Sesame Sauce (Spicy) $4.99's a "veggie" noodles, with only sesame sauce, cucumber & carrot slices..

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Thai Basil (Revisit)

Thai Basil
Date: September 21, 2011 (Wednesday)
Address: 1070 Major Mackenzie Drive, Richmond Hill (Major Mac. & Bayview)
Phone: (905) 780-8788

i like this restaurant..
the atmosphere, the staff, & most important, the food!! it's a great place for gathering..

Thai Basil Appetizer Platter $19.95
Prawn cakes 2, Fish cakse 4, Spring Rolls 2, Chicken or Beef Satay 4's perfect for 4 people.. coz everything has 4 pieces in it.. & all yummy.. i also like the salad (marinated carrots & radish 醃漬白蘿蔔) in the middle..

Shrimp Paste Fried Rice $11.95
Fried rice in shrimp paste, served with green mango, pork, onions, chili
..we love this!! they didn't mix the ingredients, but placed them on top of the rice, which was good coz we could just take whatever we eat.. (there is 指天椒 on the side as well.. very spicy).. the fried rice wasn't too oily (不太油膩)..

"Pad Woon Sen" $9.95
Clear vermicelli stir-fried with chicken, eggs, tofu, green onions, & bean sprouts, served with peanuts & fresh lime
..this one was ok.. it had a hint of sweet taste 微甜 (probably they marinated the chicken with a sweet sauce).. kinda funny..
"Tung Choi" Water morning glory in Malaysian Shrimp Paste $9.95
..通菜幼嫩, 馬拉盞香口惹味..

the waitress was nice..
we wanted to order the Mango Sticky Rice as dessert, but she told us that mango was not good that night, so she suggested we order something else.. i appreciated her being honest, or else we would be so disappointed to have a not-so-good dessert..

Thai Basil on Urbanspoon

Monday, September 19, 2011

楊家麵館 Yang's Restaurant

楊家麵館 Yang's Restaurant
Date: September 19, 2011 (Monday)
Address: 8392 Kennedy Road, #9A, Markham (Hwy 7 & Kennedy @ 新旺角廣場)
Phone: (905) 604-0798
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11am-10pm/ Wed closed

JH told us about this restaurant, said they have the best noodle (拉麵) in town.. it's a small restaurant in that plaza..

..not bad.. served warm & crispy..
香辣炸醬麵 (手擀麵) Noodles with Hot & Meat Bean Sauce $4.99
..手擀麵 is Thin Noodles.. they used 豆瓣醬 to make the Hot sauce.. the noodles were chewy.. & i like the hot & meat sauce..

紅燒牛肉麵 (手拉麵) Simmering Beef Noodle in Soup $6.99
..手拉麵 is Thick Noodles.. sadly i lost the pic of this dish.. LG said the beef was very tender, but he didn't like the thick noodle..

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Thai Basil

Thai Basil
Date: September 18, 2011 (Sunday)
Address: 1070 Major Mackenzie Drive, Richmond Hill (Major Mac. & Bayview)
Phone: (905) 780-8788

notice this restaurant opened in RH recently.. heard that the Downtown one is pretty good.. so we came here for lunch on Sunday.. they have Lunch Specials, served with "Tom Yum" Spicy & Sour Soup, & Vegetarian Spring Roll..

Green Curry Chicken with Rice $7.95

Thai Red Curry Beef with Rice $7.95

Yellow Curry Chicken with Rice $7.95
..i like this yellow curry as it has a little sweet taste & mild spicy..

Sweet Basil Prawns with Rice $8.95 creative friend made a funny face with the ingredients!

can't remember the name of the fried rice below.. Oops!

Fried Banana

we were all happy with our lunch.. & decided to visit again for dinner!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

HoSu Bistro

HoSu Bistro Korean & Japanese Cuisine
Date: September 14, 2011 (Wednesday)
Address: 2352 Yonge Street, Toronto (Eglinton & Yonge)
Phone: (416) 322-6860

LG & i went here after work one night.. it's not too busy around 6-ish..

Red Dragon Maki $9.95
dynamite roll wrapped with fresh salmon

Dolsot Chicken Bibim Bop $9.95
original korean bibim bop served in a stone bowl with an assortment of vegetables, korean chicken & egg on a bed of rice
..many ingredients: big chuck of chicken meat, with cucumber, sliced carrot, bean sprout (芽菜), etc.. & the waitress brought us extra spicy sauce.. it's the korean spicy sauce, which is perfect for 石鍋拌飯..

a side note.. they charged $1 for green tea..

Monday, September 12, 2011

The Bluestone Bistro (Revisit)

The Bluestone Bistro    (Closed!)
Date: September 12, 2011 (Monday)
Address: 4261 Highway 7, #7A-18 (Hwy 7 & Kennedy)
Phone: (905) 475-6999

we brought our parents here, & they love they food & the atmosphere.. we had a very enjoyable dinner there.. it's not crowded, yet good service & yummy food!! (it's just in a quite hidden location where nobody notices..)

Bluestone Classic Pizza $16
Double smoked bacon, mushrooms, pepperoni, roasted red peppers, artichokes, roasted garlic, asiago & mozzarella cheese on a fire rosted tomato base's thin crispy crust, which we really like.. they made their pizza with their authentic wood-fired masonry oven..

New York Striploin 10oz $22
..the coleslaw was just so-so, but the Striploin was tender.. marinated just right!
AAA Beef Tenderloin 6oz $22

Provimi Calf's Liver $18
Onions, double smoked bacon & maple infused balsamic jus
..the texture was like pork liver, but a bit more "solid".. & the balsamic jus made a perfect match with the calf's liver.. (it felt less rich with it..)