Sunday, May 24, 2009

熝一熝 616

熝一熝火鍋餐廳 616 Restaurant (Closed!)
Date: May 24, 2009 (Sunday)
Address: 50 Lockridge Avenue, Unit 1, Markham (16th & Warden)
Phone: (905) 604-3616

it's newly opened & we went to try it on a Sunday night.. the prices were as follows:
成人 Adult: $15.95 小童 Children (Under 8): $9.95
週末(五,六,日) 及假期加 Weekend add $2
另服務費 Service Charge added 12%

we had two pots.. one with 麻辣湯底 Spicy Soup Base.. their spicy soup base has very rich ingredients..

we were given Fresh crab 游水溫哥華蟹 during the promotion period..
(right) 羊肉片 Sliced lamb & 肥牛肉 Sliced beef rib eye

we ordered one Seafood Tray with 生蠔 Fresh oyster, 金菇 Enoki mushroom, 鮮蝦 Shrimps, 青口 Mussels, & 三文魚件 Salmon Slice..
(right front) 牛脷片 Sliced ox-tongue

(left) 醉雞中翼 Wine marinated chicken wing
(right) 芋絲 Konnyaku & 海帶 Bow tie seaweed

(left) 魚蛋 Fish ball, 牛筋丸 Beef tendon meat ball, & 蘑菇 White mushroom
(right) 手打墨魚丸 Homemade cuttlefish ball & 手打牛肉丸 Homemade beef ball

(left) 紅腸 Chinese red sausage, 午餐肉 Luncheon meat & 魚腐 Fish tofu
(right) 豬紅 Cooked pig blood jelly

(left) 冰豆腐 Frozen tofu & 南瓜 Pumpkin
(right) 支竹 Dry tofu roll & 豆泡 Fried tofu
(left) 麵根 Fried gluten
they also have Snack 小食 :
蝦片 Shrimp chips, 咖哩牛丸、魚蛋 Curry beef ball & fish ball, 炸曼頭 Fried bun w/ sweet condensed milk dip, 炸豆腐 Fried tofu, 炸雲吞 Fried wonton..
(right) we tried the 炸豆腐 Fried tofu & 炸雲吞 Fried wonton..
the food were just so-so..
when we were about to leave, we noticed that they had 雪花肥牛 (for extra $$).. the waiters didn't mention it to us.. but well.. i guess we'll go back to 金稻 next time..

麗華軒 Lai Wah Heen Restaurant

麗華軒 Lai Wah Heen Restaurant
Metropolitan Hotel Toronto
Date: May 23, 2009 (Saturday)
Address: 108 Chestnut Street, Toronto
Phone: (416) 977-9899

Wedding Banquet @ 麗華軒.. Congratulations to C&B!

they were serving hors d'oeuvres before the dinner.. & there were Lamb Chops (in pretty big portion & very tender!) & Smoke Salmon, some Skewers, etc..

here's the menu..
扇影伴金豬 Succulent Roast Suckling Pig Pieces, Arranged in a Fan Shape
紅燒蟹肉大生翅 Braised Imperial Shark's Fin in Bouillon with Fresh Crabment
貳鬆蝦球炒帶子 Sautéed Jumbo Prawns & Fresh Scallops Dusted with Pine Seeds
麗華蠔皇燒雞 Lai Wah Golden Deep-fried Chicken Topped with Oyster Sauce
薑葱炒雙龍蝦 Twin Fresh Lobsters Wok-cooked with Ginger & Scallions
清蒸游水海鮮 Steamed Fresh Seafish with Ginger, Scallions & Soya Dressing
荷香百寶炒飯 Lotus Leaf Wrapped Fried Rice with Shredded Conpoy & Duckling
幸福金菰伊麵 Braised E-Fu Noodles with Enoki Mushrooms

they were serving Western Pastry Dessert by Senses.. very delicious!!!

the waiters/waitresses were very polite.. food were great except they came extremely slow..

Monday, May 18, 2009

The Villa

The Villa
Date: May 18, 2009 (Monday)
Address: 813 Dundas Street West, Unit C-2, Whitby
Phone: (905) 668-1688
Opening Hours: Sun-Thurs 11am-10pm / Fri-Sat 11am-11pm

ZA treated us for dinner & we came to the Jap restaurant that owned by our friend's friends.. it's in Whitby, a very nice suburb.. & we really enjoyed our dinner!!

Green Salad & Edamame

Miso Soup & Seafood Sunomono Salad
..i liked this salad.. very appetizing..

we first ordered some sushi & sashimi.. & some special rolls!

& the highlight -- Scallop Sashimi.. extremely fresh & sweet!! came directly from Japan..

some hot dishes..

we also had Teppanyaki..

i picked this Green Tea Mochi as my dessert.. yummy!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

潮流棧 Cafe Peninsula

潮流棧 Cafe Peninsula (Closed!)
Date: May 9, 2009 (Saturday)
Address: Unit 3, 3229 Highway 7 East, Markham (First Markham Place)
Phone: (905) 948-1668

it said that it's a 日台港食舫.. which means they serve Japanese, Taiwanese & Hong Kong Style food..

(left) 蜜汁一口腸 Honey Mini Sausage $3.99
(right) 鹽酥雞 Popcorn Chicken $4.99
..both snacks were just so-so.. the Honey Sausages should be easily made by everyone.. while the Popcorn Chicken were not as good as those in 桔子..

we ordered 3 Lunch Special which served with Iced/Hot Hong Kong Style Milk Tea or Lemon Tea..
日式鰻魚蛋炒飯 Fried Rice with BBQ Eel & Egg $7.99
..very rich in ingredients..

泰式豬柳飯 Fried Pork with Thailand Spicy Sauce $6.99
..the sauce was a bit spicy.. but the pork was very tender..

日式豬排蛋包飯 Rice in Omelette with Pork Cutlet $6.99

the rice wrapped was tomato rice (番茄汁飯)..

潮流棧三明治 Club Sandwich $6.99
..i like this one.. it has BBQ Eel, Ham, Egg & Cabbage.. tasted good & very full..

we visited another day later & tried their noodle..

咖哩薯餅 Curry Potato Cracker $2.99
..had a strong curry flavor..

日式豬軟骨 Tenderious Ribs Noodle in Soup $6.95
..the 豬軟骨 was very tender.. but the soup/noodle wasn't good at all..