Tuesday, May 17, 2011


it took me quite a while to dice the 蓮藕.. glad it tasted good.. 爽口!

(食譜來源: CR 簡易食譜)

1段 蓮藕
200克 豬肉 (剁碎)
蝦米 (隨量,或可以不用)
1隻 雞蛋(先打散成蛋汁)
1湯匙 生粉(即鷹粟粉,又叫粟粉)
蔥粒 適量、鹽 少許、胡椒粉 少許
調味料:1/2茶匙 砂糖、1/4茶匙 鹽、1茶匙 生抽

1. 先把蓮藕去外皮, 切成薄件, 再切成幼粒備用。
2. 蝦米浸水切粒備用(如果用的話)。
3. 把豬肉搞碎,並加入調味料,搞至起膠。
4. 加入蓮藕粒, 蝦米粒及蔥粒撈勻。
5. 加入蛋汁,適量鹽和胡椒粉及1湯匙豆粉拌勻 。
6. 用手隨意搓成球形, 撲上薄薄一層生粉。放在燒熱油的易潔鑊上,以匙羹壓成薄薄圓形。用中慢火煎至兩邊呈金黃即可。


Tuesday, May 03, 2011

澳門街 Golden Horse Restaurant

Date: May 1, 2011 (Saturday)
Address: 4589 Hwy 7 East, Unit 3, Unionville (Hwy 7 & Kennedy)
Phone: (905) 940-3288
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11am-11pm

we went there three times in a week (ran into friends 2 times).. guess everyone wanna try out this new restaurant.. (or they did very good at advertising..)

on our 1st visit, i ordered the Sizzling Plate Chicken Fillet Set 鐵板雞扒 $14.99.. the bread was still hot, i like it!! the whole dish was hot even after i finished 3/4 of it.. the black pepper sauce had a strong smell.. for sure it tasted good too..
for dessert.. they have chocolate, vanilla & green tea ice-cream..

LG had the House Special Baked Pork Chop with Rice 金牌焗豬扒飯$7.5..

for our 2nd visit, they had the wrong order, giving both LG & i the same soup base.. we had Yam Noodles "Buddies" Style 老友湯粉(番薯粉).. LG likes the soup base, it's sour & bit spicy.. we ordered the one with Lamb Brisket 羊腩 $8.5.. & the lamb was very tender.. however, i felt very thirsty afterwards coz it's too strong flavor..

on our 3rd visit, we tried Noodles "Guilin" Style 桂林米粉 $8.5, i like this one more than the "Buddies" Stye as this one is less salty, & it came with tomato & 酸菜.. slightly spicy..
we also ordered Shrimp Paste Fried Rice with Soft Shell Crab 軟殼蟹蝦醬炒飯.. it's very disappointing.. the soft shell crab was not cripsy, & the rice was too hard.. during that visit, the environment was so smokey.. not sure if it's becoz of the 鐵板餐.. & had a very strong "Buddies" Style soup base smell..

the food was pretty good in general.. they still have many other choices on the menu.. i guess it's worth a try..

Monday, May 02, 2011

豆腐芝士蛋糕 Tofu Cheese Cake

made it 3 times & love it.. not very rich nor sweet..

豆腐芝士蛋糕 Tofu Cheese Cake
(食譜來源: Leisure-Cat)

材料: (6吋蛋糕份量)
餅底: 消化餅 105g (~8塊)、溶化牛油 45g
蛋糕: 忌廉芝士 70g、百福嫩豆腐 180g、糖 25g 、魚膠粉 7g 、淡忌廉 120g

1. 消化餅弄碎,加入溶化牛油拌勻,放入6吋餅盆內壓實,放入雪櫃待用 。
2. 豆腐先用熱水拖一拖, 並且秘去部份水份 。
3. 打軟忌廉芝士, 加入糖打至軟身 。
4. 加豆腐入忌廉芝士中,打勻 。
5. 打起淡忌廉 , 待用。
6. 用碗盛載魚膠粉,用水調勻,座於熱水上使其溶解。
7. 魚膠粉水溶後加入忌廉芝士,攪勻 。
8. 加入已打發之淡忌廉再攪勻。
9. 倒入餅模內, 雪櫃雪兩小時 。